Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Guess What Happened Here

Here's Grace:

The front of her head is wet (obviously). Wonder what happened? I'll give everyone three options of what could have happened here. See if you can guess:

a) Adam dumped water on her head.
b) She dumped water onto her own head.
c) While I was brushing my teeth, she walked in the bathroom, said, "Hi, Mom!" and then dunked her head in the toilet.


And the answer is... c! She actually dunked her head into our toilet. And wanted to do it again, but I threw her into the bathtub to scrub the life out of her hair. I clean the toilet daily, but still... how many germs are in that water?


She keeps me on my toes, that's for sure.

And how seriously nasty is it that I took a picture of it? (I was waiting for our water to be not scalding before I put her in the tub, and took it quick. Just too funny.)

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Grammy Gingerbread and Papa Playground said...

How does Adam take all his sweet little sister's bathroom antics? I know he used to refuse to drink water out of the bathroom sink because he was sure it was connected to the toilet! Hang in there, Mommy...these will all make great stories when you meet her fiance!!