Sunday, July 27, 2008

Totally Bummed

So, this is going to be a total rant, and is going to sound really immature, and I apologize. Just a little bothered right now, and wanted to complain a bit.

Mike was told yesterday that since he had Thanksgiving and Christmas off last year, that he can't have either off this year. And I'm totally bummed about it.

I understand (I really do). It needs to be fair to everyone.

But that doesn't mean I have to like it. :)

So, I know this is kinda dumb. That lots of people have to work holidays and it's not the end of the world. It should be fair to everyone. But I was seriously looking forward to Christmas, since it will the next time we would be able to see our families. And Christmas is just so much fun with everyone. And now it's not going to happen like that. :(

Oh, well.

Okay, done complaining now. Really. :)


Grammy Gingerbread and Papa Playground said...

Well, my sweet daughter, if the Wilkins cannot come to Phoenix, then Phoenix will have to come to the Wilkins! It may be after Dec. 25th, but we WILL find a way!!

Kristi said...

So if you can't come for Christmas, Maybe you come for the reunion?!?!?!?

the W* family said...

I wish we could come for the reunion, but he can't get those days off either. :(

stacey said...

Who's having a reunion? The Wilkins' side? (Sorry, I'm nosy. No one tells me anything since I don't live near anyone. :S )

the W* family said...

It's the Wilkins' side that's having the reunion, so no worries.