Monday, July 7, 2008

Fourth of July Re-Cap

Our Fourth was very... relaxing. I think that it was something that we all just needed. A day to not have to do anything, you know?

We began the day by sleeping in way, WAY too late. Which is kind of funny, because we didn't stay up all that late the night before. I think all of our bodies were just playing 'catch up.' So, after we (finally) woke up, Mike made some pancakes for lunch breakfast with blueberries and strawberry syrup (the whole red/white/blue thing), which were super yummy. We showered and dressed, played some games, made a video for my Mom's birthday, and I whipped up some ice cream for dessert that night.

We packed our picnic, and went outside to light some firecrackers as the sun began setting. Just some small sparklers, smoke bombs, and popping things. Here, it's legal to do certain fireworks on the 4th of July only. However, in a nearby city, they sell the full-blown-out-up-in-the-air-with-a-boom fireworks. Completely illegal. And I could never, ever do those. Because, that's just me being a freak about keeping rules. But, I was SHOCKED at how many other people don't feel that way about rules. I mean, they were coming from backyards, everywhere.

We wanted to go to Henderson, but it was just so hot. And we didn't want to deal with any crazy people. So, we ate our picnic lunch and went up to the temple. It's right up on the mountain, and next to a church. We parked in the church lot, and we had a view of the whole valley, which was super cool. We watched all of the illegal fireworks for a while, and then at 9:00, 8 casinos lit off simultaneous ones.

So, the baseball fireworks we saw the night before, were the highlight of the fireworks shows for us. The casino ones were kinda lame. But, we had lots of fun. And then we came home, played some more games, and went to bed. And then I checked all the blogs the next day, and became super, super jealous that in Phoenix there was lightening and wind and I SO, SO miss monsoon weather.

All in all, it was a great day, and it was so nice to kick back, and not have to do anything. We all need days like that sometimes, I think.


Amanda said...

If you like monsoons you would have loved last night. We got what seemed like a lot of rain, but turned out to be just over 1/2 inch. Some places in the east valley got 3 inches! Lots of lightning and wind. FUN!

the W* family said...

Oh, I miss Arizona BAD now! I love, love, love monsoons: the wind, lightning, rain, and the smell of it. Which is so weird. But, I do. How can we NOT have monsoon season here?!