Friday, July 25, 2008

Grace, Grace, Grace

Last night, Adam went with Mike to Scouts, because I begged him to, and because I needed to fold a ton of laundry, and it just wasn't happening with them both around for some reason. And I thought Adam would have fun.

While I was folding laundry, Grace was playing next to me with the socks. I went to put some clothes away, and came back and she was gone. I called for her, and looked around, and she had seriously disappeared. I started freaking out and searched everywhere, and after 5 minutes, still couldn't find her. Our apartment isn't all that big, and I was just about to panic about her figuring out how to open the front door, when I heard a little voice start giggling and yelled, "Boo!" I turned around, and here she was:

What a little stink! Now I need to find some sort of lock for the laundry room, because I'm pretty sure that's not a safe hiding space. BUT, so, so, so thankful she was okay and that I found her.

And then, this afternoon, the three of us were sitting at the table coloring pages for a book we are making. After 10 minutes of coloring, Grace got up and left. After a minute, I asked Adam to go and check on her. He found her and started yelling. She had put her stool onto the counter, climbed onto the toilet, onto the bathroom counter, onto her stool, opened the medicine cabinet, and had somehow unscrewed the 'child safe' (whatever!) lock on the kids' mulitvitamins, and was eating them like candy. I freaked out, swept her mouth, gave her some milk (b/c calcium blocks the absorption of iron), and called Poison Control. Luckily, I have the number memorized because I've called so much because I'm prepared like that. The woman there was so kind, and figured out that Grace would have had to swallow 31 before having any symptoms of iron poisoning, and over 60 to be 'poisoned'. There was no way she had swallowed anywhere near that amount, so I felt much, much better.

This girl! She gets into so much trouble when I'm actually paying attention... I can't take my eyes off of her for a second before she's into trouble! Two scary incidents in less than 24 hours is a little too much for me. Hopefully tomorrow will go more smoothly. With Grace, though, you never know. :)

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Grammy Gingerbread and Papa Playground said...

Oh, Allison, you have such a full life!! And what does Adam say about Grace's antics?