Monday, September 6, 2010

Climbing on Up

We don't have a highchair, so we've been using the Bumbo paired with the feeding tray to feed Josh.

It's just not working for us anymore.

He can get out of the Bumbo and be climbing the window in a matter of seconds.


... a stinker with seriously stinkin' cute feet, that is!

I'm in love with his feet!

Not so in love with his determination to climb things rather than eat.


Kathy said...

My goodness that little boy is growing fast!

Grammy Suzzy said...

Ha ha ha...that little cutie! Sweet Joshy...what ever did we do before you came and joined our family? :0D

Heidi said...

Save room in your trunk when/if you come down. I've got a highchair if you want it.