Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lucky Boy!

This summer we participated in the Barnes and Noble summer reading program. Adam read 8 books and got a free book, and we were happy.

On Tuesday I got a call from Barnes and Noble. The employee on the phone told me that Adam had won the grand prize for the summer reading program drawing! I couldn't believe it... I hadn't even realized that there was a grand prize (we were totally thrilled about the free book)!

He won all 10 of The 39 Clues books... autographed! Adam had finished reading the first of the series and had been saving up to get the second book (our rule is if our kids want a book we pay half/they pay half)... and now he no longer needed to! We were SO happy for him!

We went down to Barnes and Noble today so that they could present him with the prize!

He was SO thrilled (and was especially happy about the new backpack that the prize books came in... I guess he got a new backpack for this school year after all ;) ).

He has been reading them like crazy since we got home!

Adam loves reading and I am so thrilled that he does. I love that he stays up late, late reading and brings books with him wherever we go. It's so fun to see something that I love so much passed down to him.


Kathy said...

Good job, Adam! I'm so glad you like to read!

Grammy Suzzy said...

That backpack is awesome! And autographed books...what a treasure. Hooray for you, Adam!