Saturday, September 4, 2010

Her at 4...

This year's birthday interview with my curly-girly.

Side note: When she was born, her hair looked like it had a little bit of curl at the neck. Excited, I began calling her "Curly-girly." I was much too hopeful. Her hair is ridiculously straight. And not only does she have no curls or waves at all, it's extremely difficult to get her hair to hold curl. The nickname stuck, however, so now I call her a cute name that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. ;)

Favorite color: Purple... and all of the colors in the whole world!
Favorite TV show: Barney, Caillou
Favorite cereal: All-Berry Captain Crunch
Favorite dinner: Pizza
Favorite animal: Horses and monkeys
Favorite movie: Eloise
Favorite toy: Barbies, my horse, babies, coloring books
Favorite song: "I am a Child of God"
Favorite thing to wear: My dresses
Favorite treat: Cookies with lots of frosting and sprinkles! and cooled s'mores
Favorite thing to do outside: Run and ride my bike
Favorite thing to do with Mommy: Make treats, read books, and I like to play with her.
Favorte thing to do with Daddy: Play toys with him and when he swings me in the air.
Favorite thing to do with Adam: Play "restaurant" with him
Favorite thing to do with Josh: Play peek-a-boo!
How do you know your family loves you: Because they really, really, really do!

And, yes, we really, really, really do love her!


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Jason and Danielle said...

How cool I want to do this when Keagan has birthday in October. What a fun idea.