Saturday, September 25, 2010

Drive-In Movie

On Thursday one of the drive-in theaters had a "Customer Appreciation Night" and were offering 3 free movies. Toy Story 3 was one of the movies that were free and Mike thought it would be fun to go. We found out that the movie didn't start until 8:00, though, and Adam has to be asleep by that time or he is so grumpy the next day.

So, Mike and Grace went.

They had a really fun time!

I asked how the movie was, and Mike said that they didn't see much...they had stopped off at Target beforehand and had grabbed some snacks.

Sugary snacks.

Lots of sugary candy and popcorn and some chocolate milk to boot.

A tired and way sugared up 4-year-old in a car with lots of buttons and lights to play with = not to much movie seeing.

We'll have to rent that one when it comes out... ;)


Kathy said...

What a good dad! (And mom to sacrifice and stay home while dad has all the fun!)

Grammy Suzzy said...

movie...chocolate milk, fiddle faddle - a few bucks, untold other sugary treats-a few bucks more...that picture with her and her daddy, smiling ear to ear...priceless