Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This Girl Can Cook!

Grace and I made some star cookie pops with the leftover dough I had from the "kissing hands" cookies. I did 2 batches, and then left to care for Josh.

Grace asked if she could play with the rest of the dough, and I agreed.

I came over about a little while later, and she had rolled it out, and cut out half a pan of cookies! I was so impressed!

Note: Do NOT judge me for my nasty baking sheet.


I'm so proud of her!

I love how determined she was to do it all on her own, how she didn't give up when the dough stuck and she had to re-flour, and how proud she was of herself.

I especially love the star's bent little points. Too cute.


Kristi said...

Grace is gonna be such a good cook!

That baking sheet must have been one of the ones you snagged from you in laws.

Danyel said...

She is so cute. Love the stars. It makes them look so whimsical.

Grammy Suzzy said...

Just proves what we already all know: our Gracie is a Super"star"!!! I bet those cookies were the yummiest ever, too. And Mommy, thank YOU for not worrying about the mess, or the time, but just teaching that little angel how to be just like you!!!

Kathy said...

Good job Gracie! Cookies look delicious! Love Grandma

Jason and Danielle said...

Hey Allison! I am glad I found your blog. This is Danielle from church. Anyways how cute are those stars your beautiful girl did. and don't worry about the baking sheet. Mine look the same. I am glad I am not alone on that :>