Thursday, September 23, 2010

Toast to Fall 2010

Tonight we had our annual family "Toast to Fall" party.

Grace and I made pumpkin bars and decorated during the day while Adam was at school. When he came home, we made some garland to decorate (using fake fall leaves) together, and then we made dinner while he did his homework.

And when Mike got home we ate and toasted to my favorite season!

Here's to cooler weather, Halloween, pumpkins, soup season, applesauce, Thanksgiving, fall colors, crunchy leaves, the smells of spice candles, and more!

I LOVE everything about fall... it's the best!

We all had a really fun time talking about our favorite things about autumn.

Josh was a little irked, though, about not getting a plastic champagne glass full of sparkling cider.

(Maybe I should have filled his sippy?)

So he took matters into his own hands.

That's my baby!



Kathy said...


Grammy Suzzy said...

How DO you get anything done??? I just laughed my head off at that sweet little Joshua! He must keep you smiling from ear to ear the whole day. You are just like your Momma...I LOVE Fall...I walk into WalMart (when I have my car) and just bask in the BHG Fall home display: pumpkins, my favorite colors...I love it all!!!

Jason and Danielle said...

Fall is my fav too!