Thursday, October 13, 2011

More Fun Than Cleaning Eggs...

Today, Josh threw 1 dozen eggs in the living room.



I don't know.

I was washing dishes in the kitchen, and watching him the entire time. I would wash a dish, look up, and he would be playing with blocks/watching Barney.

And just as I was finishing, he ran in and said "egg!"

I went to investigate.

For once, I was too horrified to take a picture.


Yesterday, though, I was a guest blogger on my friend, Danielle's cute blog: Blissful & Domestic.

Which was so fun!

Much more fun than cleaning up eggs on carpet.




Grammy Suzzy said...

Someday, you will wish you did take a picture. Again, Joshy seems to really follow in his Rice Uncles footsteps. I guess you don't remember the night I heard a funny sound in your brothers' room. Upon investigation, I found them putting hard boiled Easter eggs into the back of that old and very accessible oscillating fan and shooting them out all over their bedroom. I remember that I could only laugh...don't remember the mess much. But, there again, I could vacuum it up...they were cooked. And to think that THIS Friday I get to watch that sweet boy!!! Really, I cannot wait.

Danielle said...

You poor girl. I will shed a mommy tear for you. I can't even imagine how fun cleaning eggs off the carpet is. On a plus note I loved having you on my blog. You are a crafty goddess;)

Jess'n'John said...

Wow Allison. Josh sure is sneaky...reminds me of Jack-Jack Attacks (Incredibles)-one of my recent middle of the night nursing movies. Which reminds me of you, Mrs. Incredible. :) You are awesome! I am curious how one does clean up raw egg from carpet.