Friday, October 14, 2011

Brag Post

Last week, Adam won the title of "Wrestler of the Month" at the gym where he takes his wrestling classes.

He has been working soooo hard for this and I am so proud that he achieved his goal!

Also, he took another test and his reading level bumped up to the 8th grade!

Another thing that he has been working really, really hard at.

He wants to earn the 4 tickets to Disneyland promised to him by his principal for the Accelerated Reading program his school participates in, for reading enough books/passing off enough tests/getting his reading level up high.

I love seeing him challenge himself and achieve.

He is such a great kid and I am so blessed that he is mine.


Grace won a medal for being so well behaved in school this week!

She has stayed on "green" every day in school this school year, but her teacher was just really happy with her helping other kids to choose the right, too, and wanted to recognize her.

She also became a zebra at school, and was placed in the advanced homework and reading groups. "Zebras" help other kids with the class work, while her teacher helps one group read.

She is such a sweet, sweet girl and I love her to "teeny, tiny blue sprinkles," as she says to me everyday as I drop her off.


I know no one likes to hear someone talk about how insanely perfect their kids are. And that's exactly what this post is.

But I hope that since I complain about the horrendous things that they do a lot, that you all will forgive me for bragging.


Grammy Suzzy said...

Oh, my are sooooo wrong! For, Grammies and Papas love love love to hear brag posts. They are already awesome kiddos...but now the WORLD knows. Congrats to Adam on your awesome wrestling award and your superb reading skills ("superb" is truly an 8th grade level word!) and hooray for Gracie for being the wonderful helper you are. You made your classroom a happy place for everyone!. Hip Hip Hooray! And Joshy...well, we all know he is our terrific "almost" two year old.

Kathy said...

Great Job, Adam and Grace. You are both amazing! Keep up the good work!