Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Teeth Fix: Part 1

Adam went to the dentist last Tuesday, where they x-rayed him, prodded him, and discussed what to do with his teeth.

The dentist said that she has no idea if the teeth are going to die or not. The pulp of the teeth weren't exposed when he hit them, but hitting them with that much force could kill them.

And until his teeth decide on whether to stick around or not, she doesn't want to fix them, because that will change the plan on how to fix them.

Does that make sense?

Today he went in, and had them filled, so that the "dentin" layer of the inside of his teeth aren't exposed, because having that exposed opens the door to decay. He goes back in a month to check on them and re-evaluate.

The stinky part is, is that our insurance isn't covering any of it.

Because, to them, it's just cosmetic.

(You know, because covering the tooth to prevent decay is totally cosmetic.)

The wonderful part is, is that their dentist (Dr. Laurie) is wonderful.

Today wasn't covered at all.

She gave us a discount.

The follow-up visit isn't covered at all.

She's only charging us $10.

I love her, like so much.



The worst part right now, is that Adam is really aware of his teeth. He is not liking how he looks and how he talks. We thought we would have taken care of it before school started again, and that's not going to happen. So. I'm really hoping that his teeth don't die, and that we can get them fixed as soon as possible. And, that sometime between now and then, that our insurance realizes that these teeth are not just chipped. They are gone. So it's not just a cosmetics issue.


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Grammy Suzzy said...

Adam...you look great, both before and after!