Sunday, July 3, 2011

A REAL Monsoon!

The monsoon season in Las Vegas is soooo sad, that I'm seriously not sure it can be called monsoon season.

Especially when compared with the monsoon storms from Phoenix that I had growing up.

On Sunday night, though, we had a HUGE monsoon storm! Lots of rain, crazy winds, thunder and lightning!

Best storm we've had in the 4 years that we have lived here.


(Didn't love that Mike had to leave in the middle of the craziness to go to D.I. to check out things. We were pretty worried about him! But that's a different story).

The winds were so crazy that a lot of pine trees in our apartment complex were broken and uprooted.

Adam and Grace had a lot of fun in their "tree house" with the tree that fell in front of our apartment. They broke off some branches to make an opening, and swept it out with their friends. It was too cute.

They were having so much fun, that Grace even requested that I call the apartment manager and ask that they not remove it.

Unfortunately, it's blocking the road. So, it will probably have to be removed. :)

I love a good storm!

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Kathy said...

This reminds me of when I was young and we would make forts out of discarded Christmas trees....back then the trees were actually real! :)