Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day '11

We had a really fun 4th of July!

We woke up to Mike making us pumpkin waffles.

Because nothing screams "America" like pumpkin.


We went for a swim in the early afternoon:

Had a barbecue:

Complete with s'mores, of course:

When it got dark, we had a little fireworks show a la Mike:

As you can see, none of us dressed up in red, white, or blue. I'm totally kicking myself for it! I had THE cutest outfit for Grace to wear, that I had bought on clearance last year. Totally forgot about it. The boys all have flag shirts. Totally forgot about them, too.

Most of the people in our apartment complex were playing around with illegal fireworks, so we went inside and played some games after we were done with ours. They were just a little too crazy out there!

We had a fabulous day!

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Kristi said...

I had to laugh about the pumpkin pancakes because my Mike had pumpkin chicken for lunch on the 4th. Maybe its a Mike thing.