Sunday, July 31, 2011

It Started Out Funny...

Our last date back in February included a call from Adam, where he informed me that the babysitter was asleep and he was wondering how long to warm Josh's milk.

I freaked out.

And decided to no longer go on dates until Adam was 12, and could babysit.

A few months ago, we won a certificate for a free night of babysitting. A few nights ago, Mike came home with some free tickets he has been given to see the comedian Louie Anderson.

He convinced me to give the babysitter thang another shot (hello free date night!). I checked out the tickets (because comedians aren't always clean), but his show was labeled as a "family show" so we went last night.

We had such a good time. Louie Anderson is funny.

Really, really funny.

I was wheezing, I was laughing so hard.

(That could have also been because we had to walk through a smoky casino to get to the theatre, but he was really funny).

It was so nice to get out by ourselves (even though Mike made fun of me like a gazillion times because I kept checking to make sure the kids were okay, before realizing they weren't with us).

A fun clean show + some adult conversation with my best friend + no stopping fights in the backseat on the drive there made it awesome!

Such a fun night!

And then we came home.

I don't want to say we had the world's worst babysitter or anything.

Because, it's not like she ate my children or anything.

They were alive.

But, here's what I wrote to my mom on Facebook about it:

Came home last night to find permanent marker everywhere-stove, freezer, walls, pictures, and table (the one and only permanent marker we own is kept on top of the fridge)... Grace had to finally take the marker away. Josh climbed into the freezer and got an ice cream bar (I said and wrote in the instructions that he is lactose intolerant and could only have an otter pop after dinner)... they tried to tell the babysitter, she didn't care. At bedtime he cried in his crib for over and hour, and Adam and Grace tried to calm him down with books and toys. His eyes were swollen today. There was toothpaste all over the counter and mirror, and dirty baby footprints all over the bathroom counter, too. Which meant that Josh was on the bathroom counter. They had to get their own toothbrushes ready. Adam did random Google searches on the Internet (which he knows better than to do, but I said NO computer allowed... she told him he could so she could have the Wii). It was a nightmare. The babysitter during all of this? Playing MarioKart by herself and watching hours of Disney shows on Netflix.


My funny night didn't turn out being so funny after all.

I have again sworn off babysitters.

I don't really want to wait until Adam's 12 to babysit to go out again with Mike, though, so I decided if you are family and are visiting Vegas and are staying at our house, I'm probably going to dump my kids on you for a few hours.

In return, I will vacuum the carpet that you sleep on when you stay.

(So tempting, right?)

Just please don't eat them or anything.



Grammy Suzzy said...

I am SO glad you guys went out and had a great time, and that angels were home, watching over the granbabies. And, you BET we will babysit..and follow ALL the rules...well, most of them ;) Remember, what happens WITH Papa and Grammy, STAYS with Papa and Grammy. We PROMISE the only thing we will eat will be yummy sugary treats, and we will put the paste on the toothbrushes so the corruption we feed them will not destroy your dental budget. Above all, there will be NO swollen eyes, 'cept maybe from US laughing so hard!

kedwards said...

Wow!!! How did she think that was okay?! Just so you know, not all babysitters are horrible. You could always talk to friends to find out who the good ones are. Or do an exchange with your mommy friends. Date nights are just too important.

Amanda said...

I am so sorry! I would be livid. I'd call her parents and tell everyone I know. She'd be blacklisted as far as I'm concerned.

Kristi said...

That is so messed up! I'm with Amanda. That girl wouldn't babysit for anyone ever again. Maybe even talk to the YW President about it. Maybe they could have mutual activities about what is and is not appropriate behavior while babysitting.

Kristi said...

Also you might consider a babysitting swap with another family. You take there kids for a night, and then they take yours for a night. Free babysitting and play dates for the kids.

Michelle Woolfenden said...

oh my gosh!!! this is why a teenage will NEVER babysit for me!! im feel so much luckyer right now than i did a 3 minuets ago to have a grandma and sister inlaw close by! and let me offer my babysitting services if ever you need them, cause everyone needs a date now and then. (a serious offer, you take me up on it)