Sunday, July 17, 2011

Harry Potter Movie

My sister, Kayty, and I love Harry Potter.

I stole her books from her so that I could read the series. We went in on the 4th Harry Potter book together (and then fought over it). We've talked many a time about our theories and the plots.

It was only fitting that we saw the final Harry Potter movie together!

She drove up and we went to the midnight show. It was the first midnight show I've ever been to for a new movie.

We had SO much fun!

I loved being with my sister, seeing all the people dressed up in character, and the movie.

Fun night!

(Even though I was dead the next morning, it was still fun!).


Grammy Suzzy said...

I. Love. This!!! You two have always, always, always been so close. There was NEVER a complaint by a big sister over the little sister sharing the same room, etc. I am so glad you had an awesome night!!! It was funny...I was waking up to exercise, and Kayty was texting me back about it.

Danielle said...

you and your sis are too cute!