Friday, July 9, 2010

Movie on the Green

On Friday and Saturday nights The District at Green Valley (home of the carousel) does a free family outdoor picture show. Complete with free popcorn.

We've always wanted to go, but it's been one of those things we never got around to... so at the beginning of the summer we printed out the list of summer movies, agreed on one, and planned it.

Tonight was the night! We went and saw, Curious George 2.

We had a blast!!!

We got there early (per our friend's suggestions) and threw down a picnic blanket on the grass and had a picnic dinner that the kids and I had packed earlier. I thought it would be miserable in the heat, but there were misters everywhere, so it actually felt nice.

The kids had fun running around, getting popcorn, making friends, getting popcorn, looking at the carousel, and getting popcorn before the movie started.

It's a good thing the popcorn was free.

These kids eat a lot of popcorn.


At 8:00 the movie started.

And as the opening credit started going, Grace decided she had to go to the restroom. Now!

After Mike and Grace stepped over/around/on all of the families sprawled out on their own picnic blankets, and got back from the restroom, we watched the movie together.

Cuddling with my kiddos under the stars in the cool grass and watching a silly movie about our favorite monkey on a big screen beats the movie theatre ANY day!

We definitely want to go again! They do the films April through October, so we will probably make our way down their again one of these weekends.

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