Saturday, July 10, 2010

Adam's Little Brother Keeper

About 3 years ago (September 2007), we got a big package in the mail. Adam immediately claimed it, took it to his room, and furiously worked on it.

The next day, his creation was complete. An invention that he called, "Adam's Little Sister Keeper," designed to keep Grace away from turning off Curious George and away from his toys.

Josh and Adam are very best friends. These boys adore each other. However, Josh's mobility has started to create some problems. Josh has messed up more than one Transformers battle and Hot Wheels race.

We received another box in the mail recently. And again, Adam cut and colored away. Making another "Sibling Keeper." This time he called it "Adam's Little Brother Dog House."

The first time he tried to use it he realized his design flaw: that there was nothing preventing Josh from crawling out of the front door.

And Josh was happy to crawl out after every time Adam drug hm in it.

So, it's back to the drawing board.


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Grammy Suzzy said...

I had forgotten that cute little Gracie box! That Adam is such the inventor. Someday, even with a few "re-do's", as this design may need, he is going to invent something very special! And we will all remember sweet little Gracie in that first box!