Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Itty Bitty Chefs & Basketball Classes

Adam's been taking "Basketball Skills" at the community center these past few weeks. He loves basketball (especially 'Kobe'), and has been bummed that it's been way too hot to play basketball outside here this summer. His coach is a retired basketball coach and is GREAT! Adam always leaves class sore and tired, but determined to get better!

Grace is old enough now to be in the Itty Bitty Chefs class at the community center. It seems like Adam was just taking these classes, while I pushed Grace in the baby swings outside. She's getting too big! Grace LOVES cooking, and she has had so much fun cooking with her new friends. I love how absolutely proud she is when she makes us her creations at home, too.

As for Josh, he sticks with me during the classes. It's way too hot for the swings, so we stay inside. But speaking of skills and talents, look what he can do now:

He won't drink formula out of it (can't blame him... that stuff smells nasty!), but he will drink a little juice from it.

And he didn't even have to take "Sippy Cup Skills" to figure it out. A-maz-ing. ;)

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