Sunday, July 18, 2010

Let's Play.... What's in My Washer Today!

Any guesses as to what I found in my washing machine today as I transferred the wet clothes to the dryer?

I mean, besides clothes?




Time's up!

The correct answer:

I found a plastic boat, a bottle of bubbles, and a part to a door lock (I think).

Anyone guess correctly?


Sometimes when I've had a really, really hard day, I allow myself to remember what life was like back in the day.

You know, back in the day when I never had to leave a full grocery cart in the middle of the store because of a tantrum, when I got an average of 7 hours of sleep a night, when I didn't have to wipe ketchup off of ceilings, and when I could listen to the speakers in church meetings.

But then I quickly remember that back in the day I only had clothes in my washing machine.

And how boring and dreadful and awful is that?

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Kathy said...

I like it when I find money...not so much any more though.