Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Learning Time

Each afternoon, when Josh goes down for a nap, the kids and I have learning time.

We do a half an hour of "learning" and a half an hour of reading.

I had a friend ask me why in the world I did it... that kids need a break.

I agree that kids need a break. However, I think kids love learning. Especially when it's fun. And they need some structured time in the summer, so why not learn during it. Adam and Grace beg me for learning time all day.

I work with Adam and Grace before they enter kindergarten (I don't do preschool outside of the home), and then gather things throughout the year for the summer.

This is the shelf I keep all of our learning stuff on:

On Tuesdays we do math, Wednesdays science, Thursdays language arts, and Fridays social studies.

There are SO many fun resources on the web for stuff to teach your kids... for free! These are my favorite sites:

Super Teacher Worksheets
Kids Learning Station

So all you smart moms and teachers... any other fun resources/sites you like for teaching your kids that I should know about?

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Juice said...

Whoa! You really shouldn't get me started... but since you asked I love:
Each of those link to some really great resource sites.

I LOVE that you have a designated learning time. It's brilliant!