Wednesday, April 2, 2008

You Know FOR SURE You're White Trash When...

You are at RC Willey and your daughter randomly THROWS UP on a brand-new couch and, since it was only going to be a quick stop, you don't bring the diaper bag in, and having nothing to clean up the mess with, you glance around and then TAKE OFF YOUR JACKET and begin scrubbing it with that.

I am officially white trash.

And I have now added another store that I can never go into again as long as I live in Las Vegas to my list.

Oh, well. More about the move to come. I'm off to stop Adam from going to check the mail in his underwear, which would only further solidify us being 'white trash.' Or maybe I should just accept it, and let him run around in his underwear... I WOULD have less laundry to do.

Thanks to the sales staff at RC Willey for being so understanding about our mishap. I'm just glad she chose a microfiber couch to get sick on rather than leather. :)


Grammy Gingerbread said...

Oh, Allison, I am soooo sorry. I didn't understand what you said about throwing up and the microfiber couch. I heard that, but didn't understand where you were!!(I hate my cell phone!!) Anyway, you are not white trash... just a Mommy, and these are what memories are made of. Besides, you maybe can pay Grace back someday when you are old and she is caring for you. I sure don't look forward to my chance to walk around a store with too small tap shoes and pajamas on, with curlers in my hair!!

stacey said...

ha ha Oh the joys of having kids. I can't wait for that kind of stuff. :S
Also, did you see you won the tickets on Becky Higgins site? Woo hoo for you!