Saturday, April 12, 2008

Church Slackers

So, 3 weeks ago (Easter), Adam and Grace were too sick to go to church.

2 weeks ago after the move, better, but still coughing/throwing up and tired from the move, so we skipped again.

Last week, was Conference, so we stayed home and watched it on television.

We were all set to go tomorrow, and I've been talking to Adam all week about his new Primary class and to Grace about her new nursery. We were all excited.

Mike just found out today that tomorrow is Stake Conference. And while we're going to go, not having Adam and Grace go to actual class for almost a month has made me feel like a huge church slacker.


The Ericksons said...

Add to that the next Sunday when you will be in Phoenix. So, can you be considered inactive?

the Wilkins family said...

Being that our records are still in our LAST ward, because we haven't been to church yet to get them transferred, I'm pretty sure by this point, they are probably considering us inactive. :)