Monday, April 14, 2008

BEST Workout Ever!

When Mike and I were first married, we watched our super-cute nephew dance and sing to The Wiggles. I had never heard of them, but thought it looked fun.

Fast forward several years. Adam was 2, and Mike felt he had been deprived because we didn't have Disney, so Adam had never seen The Wiggles. He won several videos of the group on eBay for cheap while I was in school one day. When I came home and he told me this, I started laughing. Adam is NOT into singing and dancing. At least to kid music. He ADORES Queen, Lenny Kravitz, and anything rock 'n roll (he also adores rap, but I won't let him listen to it).

Sure enough, when the videos came in the mail, we popped them in, and Adam gave us this, "Are you guys kidding me? This is DUMB!"

So the videos have sat untouched for years.

A few weeks ago, while we were getting ready to move and I much needed a kid distraction, I popped the video in, thinking Grace might like it.

She didn't like it.

She LOVED it!

Since, we've borrowed some CDs from the library, and our house has been consistently filled with the sounds of four men with thick Australian accents singing, "Hot Potato," "Here Comes a Bear," "Watching the Ponies," etc. She LOVES singing and dancing and The Wiggles are right up her alley. She loves them.

On Saturday, she was being cranky, and finally having some space in our family room to move and dance, I put a video in, and danced with her to it.

Oh my heck! I have got to give those guys some props... I know I'm out of shape, but wow! My workout videos don't compare to the jumping and swinging and dancing that The Wiggles do, WHILE singing! After a half hour, I was tired!

So, I got to spend some quality time with Grace and got in my exercise for the day.

Unfortunately, I also got "Uncle Noah's Ark" stuck in my head all day, too.


Grammy Gingerbread said...

What a great idea! And sure is a lot more fun than Denise Austin, or even that old video I used to use of those pregnant women (who, by the way, should not have been able to do all that they did in ANY condition, much less pregnant!) and Jane Fonda!

Danyel said...

Grace is such a cutie. I also have found the benefit of dancing and jumping around with ethan. He might be berly one but loves all 80s music.

Wilkins Family said...

I always thought the wiggles would be something that my kids would enjoy, but they dont like it at all. Oh well.