Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bath Time Fun!

Grace has been pretty scared of the bathtub lately. I'm not sure why. Adam did the same thing when he was her age. She screams and pulls at me the entire time to climb out. Not very fun.

So, I've been trying to find things to make the bathtub fun, while not going out and spending a bunch on bath toys. I came across a super fun idea last night: Toy Ice Cubes!

Basically you take a bunch of freezer-safe toys, put them in containers (like Tupperware, small bowls, etc.) of water and freeze them. When it's time for baths, you pop them out of the containers and put them in the bathtub. And then the kids get to have fun getting the toys out in the water.

I'm freezing ours now, and can't wait to try them in the bath tonight! Hopefully Grace likes them enough to let me rinse her hair BEFORE she rubs her soapy head all over my shirt like she has done the past 2 nights.

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Amanda said...

Sounds fun. Right now, Kade is worried that he and Hailey will go down the "dream."