Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy, Happy Day!

Bunch of good stuff today!

- Adam got into the charter school! Yay! Now he won't have to go to a ghetto school that failed the requirements last year AND had 57 incidences of violence against a teacher that resulted in suspension/expulsion (I won't go into how many were against students... school reports are scary!)

- Adam LOVED his new cooking class! And the teacher told the parents that it was fine to leave, and Adam was completely okay with it. I left, but stayed in the community center, just in case and played with Grace in the hall, but he was fine. Grace and I going to have fun having some 'girl time' during his classes!

- We got ALL of our deposit back from our old apartments! Yay! They didn't even charge us to clean the carpet, because they are going to replace it. Wow!

- AND... to quote Adam: "We get to see all of our most favorite people in the ENTIRE world tomorrow!"

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Wilkins Family said...

Cant wait to see you guys tomorrow.