Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kindergarten Picnic

 Grace's class had an end-of-year kindergarten picnic today, with a little "graduation" surprise.

They had made cute graduation caps earlier in the week that they wore while the sang us 2 songs.  It was sooo adorable!!!

(I stink at taking video... the beginning/end are cut off.  You get the general idea.  Adorable!!!)

After the presentation, we ate lunch, visited and took pictures.

Her being done with kindergarten is so bittersweet!

Grace and her AWESOME kindergarten teacher, Mrs. E.!!

Our sweet kindergarten girl:

Grace's best friend, Morgan:

Grace and the awesome Mrs. G, the assistant teacher:

Grace and her friend, Valencia:

Grace and Max (who she claims she will someday marry):

We had such a fun afternoon together!

I am sooo glad that school is winding down, but saying good-bye to friends and teachers and moving on to the next grade, makes it all a (little) sad.

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