Friday, June 15, 2012

Cubbing Down Under

Adam was able to participate in his very first Cub Scout day camp (last year's camp got cancelled) this past week, and had such an EPIC time!

The theme was "Cubbing Down Under"... all about Australia.

The leaders went above and beyond.

They made them "crocodile" vests and gave them hats and shirts... I thought they were adorable (Adam thought they were epic, of course).

He was able to paint, make Australian instruments, make Australian food over a fire, do archery, play "football" (soccer), build a box from wood, and lots more!

I was so ridiculously impressed with all of the time and energy the leaders put into it!

(Adam's group got to do the closing flag ceremony on the last night)


Grace, Josh and I were able to go the last night for a family barbecue.  We got to eat with Adam and see all that he had done and learned that week.  It was amazing!

I love the Cub Scout program more and more as time goes on.  What a great program for teaching boys skills, leadership, patriotism, service, and helping them to develop their talents.  Love. It.

Adam had such a wonderful week, and I am SO glad that he got to participate in day camp!


Kathy said...

I love Cub Scouts, too!

kedwards said...

Looks like fun. I got to go one day with our cubs. It was fun, REALLY HOT, but fun too.