Monday, June 18, 2012

Piano Boy

I feel very strongly that all of our children should learn how to play the piano.

If they want to learn an instrument beyond the piano, awesome.

I will support that.

But, they all will learn to play the piano.

I thought 8 would be a good age to begin, so I talked to my friend Jessica back in April, who agreed to give him weekly lessons.  He has a lesson once a week, and then practices at home daily.

Or, that's the idea, anyways.


We don't have a piano, and the keyboard we are borrowing is small, so we go a few times a week to the church to practice on the piano there.

He just finished his first piano book, and is getting pretty good!

This is a rather lame recording (my camera ran out of space and only got 9 seconds) of "Indian Song", his favorite in his first book:


He LOVES playing the piano!!!  I normally have to force him to stop practicing so he can do chores and homework, rather than begging him to practice.

I really hope that continues.

And, I LOVE how excited Grace is to start playing the piano in a few years... Adam's enthusiasm for it is contagious.

I really hope that continues, too.

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Danielle Wagasky said...

So fun I want Libby and keagan to learn too