Saturday, June 9, 2012

Happy 9th Birthday, Adam!

I felt like the worst mom ever today.

Because it was Adam's birthday.

And not only did he have to celebrate it amidst our boxes, mess, dirty clothes (no washer/dryer yet), and craziness of this week, but he didn't get a present from us.

Because it was stuck in storage (we bought it 7 months ago), and could not get it out for a myriad of reasons.

He also didn't get the cake that he asked for.

He wanted a cool Beyblade stadium cake, and I just couldn't get it done/figure it out.  So, I went to him and asked for his second choice, and he sweetly said, "A Texas sheet cake."

And, if that happened to me when I was 9, I probably would have been upset.

But, he still declared it "the best birthday ever!"


He woke up early to streamers, a banner, waffles + bacon, and opened his present from Grammy and Papa:

An "EPIC!!!" Beyblade stadium + Beyblades.

Afterward, we went to our friends' house (who now lives exactly 1/10th of a mile from us.... sweet!) for a little birthday gathering.  They sweetly sang to him and gave him a super-fun building set.

When Mike got home, we ate a quick dinner, and Adam blew out his birthday cake candles:

And then, Josh took the battery of of my camera, without me realizing, and hid it on the shelf.

So that when we went to the kids' school's first annual swimming party (the school rented a community pool), I couldn't take pictures.


They spent hours swimming with friends, going down the huge water slide, and eating popsicles.

We all had a blast!

(And, yeah, it was after THAT that Adam said he had the "best birthday ever!", but you know, it still counts).


We love this 9-year-old of ours!  He is so funny and smart.  He is great at art.  He is a great friend.  He is awesome at cheering up his brother and sister.  He helps me soooo much!  We just love him so much!

Happy 9th Birthday, Adam!

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