Thursday, March 17, 2011

'11 St. Patrick's Day Fun!

We made our Leprechaun traps for our Family Home Evening activity Monday night. Last night, we sprung our traps! I forgot to get pictures of the traps, but they were too cute.

Adam and Grace were SO sure that they were going to catch a leprechaun. They woke up today and found that the leprechauns had escaped again! They left some of their gold (rolos, twix, and almond kisses), a fun breakfast (Lucky Charms), and cookies for lunch! They also played a few silly tricks on us! The milk was dyed green, the toilet water was green, and they had stolen a few green items from our house!

It was a pretty crazy day (we were getting ready for guests AND getting ready to leave town), but we managed to have some green fun.

Green lunches: Sprite, green jell-o, green grapes, sandwiches with green bread, celery with green ranch, and a special cookie!

We all wore green (of course!). No pinching here!

For dinner we had green peas, green guiltless alfredo over spinach noodles, and green garlic bread (with our green milk).

We had such a fun day! I love any excuse to turn an ordinary day into something a little more fun!


Grammy Suzzy said...

I just LOVE all your green food, and green fun! I am green with envy!!! Better luck on those traps next year!

Jason and Danielle said...

I think next year I will have to steal your dinner idea. It sounds so yummy!