Sunday, March 20, 2011

Phoenix Trip: Grandma Hansom's Funeral

We went down to Phoenix this past weekend for the funeral of Mike's great-grandma, Grandma Hansom. She was such an amazing lady. When Mike and I were dating, he brought me over to her home one Sunday night and introduced me.

After that, we spent a lot of Sunday evenings at her home. Mike's aunts/uncles, cousins, and siblings would go there, and I LOVED it. I loved that they were all so close as a family, and that they got together like that. And man, they are funny. I seriously laugh so hard when I'm around them. Being around his family pretty much convinced me that Mike must be an okay person, because his family was so great.

I mean, super-great families can't produce psycho serial killers or anything, right?


I was trying to think of a favorite memory of Grandma Hansom. I have several memories of her, and Mike has a lot of really fun memories, but the one that stands out the most (of mine), was several years ago, the day before I had to go to the oncologist. I'm a pretty private person (not that you would know it from this blog), and I don't like anyone knowing my problems or worrying about me... I'm not a big fan of attention, so I generally keep things to myself. Anyway, Mike and I were the last to leave her house that Sunday evening, and she pulled me aside and asked about my appointment, how I was doing, that she was thinking of me, etc. Grandma Hansom had 6 children, 31 grandchildren; 95 great-grandchildren and 24 great-great-grandchildren... not including all of the spouses involved. It amazed me that with all of the people in her family, that she would remember me and my silly problems and be concerned. And, she was so sincere when she asked, that it didn't even bother me that someone knew about it. She was a really special person and we are definitely missing her.

Anyways, we were able to attend her funeral on Saturday and spend time with family. It was a really nice celebration of her life, and we had fun getting to spend time with everyone.

On Sunday, we went to church with my family, and then went back to my in-laws for dinner. Adam and Grace were in cousin heaven. Josh was pretty grumpy the whole weekend, but he had a lot of fun with his cousins... he and Emmalin were so cute playing together. I have to apologize to my sister-in-law for the photo of Emmalin; I so didn't realize that the picture I snapped of Josh and her playing together, had her picking her nose. ;)

We drove back Monday in the RAIN! I love rain! It's so sad that I moved to a place that rains even less than Phoenix, and that I have to go out-of-town to be able to enjoy it. ;)

We had a WONDERFUL weekend celebrating the life of a wonderful woman.

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