Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sixth Project: Architecture

Adam's project this month was on "Architecture." He chose "Mount Rushmore" for his subject. He had a lot of fun researching and learning about Mt. Rushmore. He had even MORE fun sculpting Mt. Rushmore out of clay... he loves everything art! He did such a great job... isn't it cute?

Adam's projects are A LOT of work!

Each project has to :

- be researched and documented on a Bibliography card (with a minimum of two sources from different places... one from internet, one from an interview, one from a book, etc.)

- have 6-10 index cards filled with the presentation information in their own handwriting (they are supposed to be memorized, though they can reference the cards if needed)

- have a visual (no two visuals can be the same per year... for example, he can only do one statue, one poster, etc. per year)

- have a "Project Proposal", turned in several weeks ahead of time, outlining the project

- have a "Project Reflection" with thoughts on how the student completed the project, how the student felt about it, etc.

And then they have to be presented to the class.

Like I said, it's a lot of work.

He always does SUCH a good job on his projects, though!

Lucky for Adam, there is only 1 more to be done this year! The last will be done in-class in groups.

Lucky for me, too.

It's just so much more fun to play outside with them, then it is to be inside doing homework.


Grammy Suzzy said...

Adam, that is an absolutely awesome project! You did such a GREAT job! Just the clay part must have taken such a long time, and then the research part! Papa and I are SO proud of you!!!

Danielle said...

It turned out so well!