Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thrift Store Crafting

I don't consider myself terribly creative. At best, I am great at copying others creative ideas. And I definitely can not look at crazy-ugly things at a thrift store and turn them into something ultra-hip and cute with a little spray adhesive, paint, and glitter like a lot of creative people can.

However, I was at D.I. a few months ago, and saw 4 wooden blocks with ugly turkeys mod-podged on for 50 cents each. I was so excited, because I see crafts that use wooden blocks all of the time, and I don't have access to a saw to cut them myself.

Yah, I could go to Home Depot.

But, seriously, the thought of standing with my 3 punks near a saw as the professionals cut wood for me, gives me the hives.

So, I bought them, happily asked for my 20% off discount (I know you're jealous), and looked through my craft supplies at home.

I scraped off the paper and painted them:

For Valentine's Day, I mod-podged some paper I've had for years and glued flat glass marbles I had in a vase in "X's" and "O's" shapes (I totally stole this idea from some blog).

Then I flipped them around, mod-podged some St. Patrick's Day paper on, and glittered some letters I got on sale at Hobby Lobby, and glued those on top.

I love being a little bit creative and crafty, even if I have to lean on others really creative ideas to do so.


By the way...

Yes, that's a VCR.

I know you're jealous that our family is still rocking the VCR.


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Jason and Danielle said...

I seriously need to make some of these and hey lady you are absolutely crafty. I love going to your house, just so I can see your decorations and be inspired. :>