Tuesday, March 1, 2011

15 Months

20 lbs 13 oz
30 inches

Sometimes I miss my baby Josh. The hair. The soft skin. The sweet baby cries. I love babies.

I mean, this is just heaven right here:

As much as I love babies, though, my favorite stage is toddler-hood.

I adore toddlers.

And Josh is my favorite toddler ever. He is so stinkin' sweet. Unless he's grumpy. Then he glares at you.

Even his glares are so stinkin' sweet.


I love that he only knows two words: "mama" and "mine". Really, do you need to know anymore words? He yells for "mama" when he's sad or wants me, and "mine" when someone has taken something from him or he wants something.

He would probably say more words if every time he said "mama" I didn't come running, or when he said "mine" I got him whatever he wanted.

(Unfortunately, his doctor doesn't agree that one needs only the words "mama" and "mine" in order to survive, so she's sending him to an audiologist AND a speech therapist. Doesn't that seem like overkill at 15 months???)


I love how he tries so hard to make me happy. Adam and I had a particularly difficult afternoon together a few weeks ago, and I was sitting on the floor crying (Does it seem like I cry a lot? Probably.) Josh came over and looked at me, and looked at the pile of papers in front of me that I had been going through to put in the trash. He dragged (drug?) the trash can from the kitchen to the living room, and started putting all of the papers in the trash.

He thinks trash on the ground makes me cry.

Maybe he thinks I'm crazy...

Anyways, the little act of him trying to make me happy made me squish him and cry even harder.


I love how he helps with the dishes, the laundry, and puts his toys away. He takes baby wipes and washed the walls.

He may have OCD someday.

However, I'm just enjoying that he loves to clean.


I love how he adores Grace. I wish I could videotape the two of them together every day, because they have such a sweet relationship. She adores him.


I love that he is such a meat eater. Not a huge carb fan.


I love that when he's angry he throws things. I love how he glares when at everyone when he's in a bad mood.


I love how excited he gets when he sees Daddy everyday.


I love how much he loves to go outside, and how he could run outside forever.


I love how he points at everything.


I love how much he LOVES to read! He brings me books over and over throughout the day, and then crawls on my lap to read. My friends wonder why I've missed Zumba lately... it's because I've given up housework in order to cuddle with Josh and his books.

It's a tough call... laundry or read with Josh?



I love how much he understands. He is so smart. He can figure out how things work together and go together. He understands most directions and follows them, happy to help.


I LOVE that he loves giving kisses and hugs and loves cuddling with me. He can go to sleep on his own in his crib now (yay!) but more often than not, I rock him to sleep.

I insist.

15 months ago, a little boy changed my life. I love him so much!


Also, I really, really love his chunky cheeks.

As evidenced by all of the chunky cheek pictures.

I'm so glad that if he's destined to be small (3rd percentile in height and weight), that at least some of his 20 lbs 13 ounces, is going toward cheek chunk.


More News at the Funny Farm said...

You know we might not be genetic related but this child sounds just like ours. Speech problems were mine too, dairy issues, ear infections(which a lot of them can cause speech problems), Not a lot of ear infections can cause speech too, youngest child (doesn't have to speak everyone else figures out what he wants). We have had 4 in speech as young as 2 and checked earlier. It works out good here, because of all the help they get and you get for helping them overcome the issues. Don't worry all normal for child #3 and other things. We just teach lots of sign to help with the frustration and try not to ask questions just state facts (questions just cause them not to answer). Example: "I see the dog - Look at the dog (point), That is blue. I see a blue horse. (simple - even just 2 words) Look horse, see blue, and make noises and sounds. Car go "BANG". Good Luck.

Grammy Suzzy said...

I LOVE the new page header!!! Another awesome Kristi Creation? Anyway, I think "mommy" and "mine" pretty well cover all that a 15 month old needs...but it's great there are doctors who care enough to make sure there are no other problems, and, as Sharynn says...her kids have done awesome! No worries about sweet Joshy...no matter what, he will be just fine!

Jason and Danielle said...

I totally agree that is a little overkill about the talking thing. He is only 15 months. Keagan didn't start talking till he was two. Plus Josh is the baby he has two older siblings to talk for him and he has the two words down that mean the most. Kelsie and Eastenn are 19 months and they just started talking for real. You shouldn't worry about it.