Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Date

One of my 14 days of Valentine's for Mike was a date with him planned by me.

Mike always complains that I never want to go out with him, because I hate leaving the kids. It's true. I get major anxiety when I have to leave them, to the point of being sick. However, after a long period of us not dating, and the Blue Man date going so well, I really want to try and work past that.

So, I got a baby-sitter and we went out last night. I had planned on us going to the temple, but being the organized person that I am, I lost Mike's temple recommend when I was laminating it. SO. We used a Groupon for a Mexican dinner that was really good, and then because we were trying to keep it cheap (hello expensive baby-sitters), we went grocery shopping.

We had SO much fun! I really do enjoy getting out with Mike (even if I called the babysitter a gazillion times to check on things).

Good thing that Mike (and our babysitter) are patient people.

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Jason and Danielle said...

you look beautiful in these pictures:>