Friday, February 4, 2011

14 Days of Valentine's

I'm a dork. I know.

Day 1: Decorate window with hearts
Day 2: Play "Heart Attack" ("Hot Potato" with hearts)
Day 3: Valentine-themed after-school snack
Day 4: Make tissue hearts
Day 5: Love notes
Day 6: Decorate sugar cookies
Day 7: Play Valentine's Bingo
Day 8: Valentine pillowcases
Day 9: Valentine story time
Day 10: Make Valentine's shirts
Day 11: Special Valentine-themed lunch
Day 12: Watch a Valentine's movie with snack
Day 13: Make a craft
Day 14: Treasure hunt to find Valentine's treat

I got these mailboxes at Target and each day I'm putting (a really cheesy) poem and a candy or two in them letting the kids know what we were doing that day for our activity. They LOVE seeing their "flags" up and check all throughout the day. It makes it a little extra fun!

I also decided to be a nice wife for once, and did one for Mike too, with things like backrubs, watching a movie together, etc. It should be a fun month and (hopefully) filled with lots of love in our sweet family!

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