Friday, February 25, 2011

Fifth Project: Nutrition

Adam's project for February was to use the scientific method to conduct an experiment about a question he had about nutrition or the human body.

He had some elaborate questions. Questions that would require his blood to be drawn. Or his eyeball to be removed.


I went ahead and steered him a different route. ;)

He wanted to find out if cereal companies really add iron to cereal. To do this we ground up a bunch of cereal and water in the blender. Then we poured it in a bowl, and Adam took some strong magnets and ran them through the cereal to see if he could find any iron. He did! It was pretty cool (and pretty gross to think about that iron... that's not exactly natural!).

For his presentation, he showed his experiment findings and talked about what iron does in our bodies, and why it's so important. He did a fantastic job!

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