Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ballet Recital

Grace had her first ballet recital today!

Her class did a sweet little dance to "Here Comes the Sun" (from The Bee Movie), so they dressed like little bumblebee ballerinas. It was so ridiculously cute!

Seriously. I pretty much melted at the sight of her in a little tutu, with a tiny bun in her hair. Too cute.

She's taking classes at a community center, so they needed to get the stage time for free. They asked the casinos, and Mandalay Bay let them use the House of Blues stage during the morning. So, Grace got to perform on a professional stage, and LOVED it!

When it came time to dance, she was a little awed with all of the people in the audience. She would begin to dance and then stop and stare, and then she'd remember where she was and dance again. It was super cute! I so wish I could get a video of her on here!

Afterward, her teacher presented each of them with a certificate and a bumblebee charm for a necklace, as a reminder of their first recital. I loved her teacher so much already; she's so good with the girls! Getting them a little something was so sweet!

Grace loved the entire experience: getting to wear a little makeup, hanging out with her class before they performed, performing, sitting and watching the rest of the recital with her teacher, and getting praise afterward! I'm so glad she has an opportunity to develop a talent and meet new friends. Such a fun day!

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