Friday, September 19, 2008


I think I've titled a few blog posts 'Randoms.' I guess my life (and kids) are random.

Oh, well.

Adam just finished up another week at school. I had my doubts about it at first, but now I'm SO glad he's there. There are only 11 kids in his class and his teacher is great. This week they learned about their senses, the letters 'S' and 'M', and patterns.

So, this project at school was supposed to depict the 5 senses. He made 'gumballs' for taste, a 'stinky sock' for smell, and 'hot peppers' for sight. He told me that he was supposed to do "eyes and ears, but that was WAY boring."

I hope his teacher either has a sense of humor or appreciates his creativity or at least doesn't look at him too strangely when he shows her his projects. What a kid. Oh, and I totally love his sock. Cute.

He's making friends, but he's not so good with the names. This is what our conversation's after school sound like:

Me: Who'd you sit by at snack time?
Adam: The boy with the bleeding arm.
Me (feeling a little sick inside): What do you mean 'bleeding?'


Me: Who did you play with at recess?
Adam: The boy who eats Lunchables and the new kid (who has been 'the new kid' for 2 weeks now).

It's creative, no doubt, but at some point it might be helpful to learn their names. Especially when he asks me things like, "The boy with the Star Wars backpack wants me to come to his house this week. Can I?"

Yeah, gonna need to know names, Adam.

Grace is at such a fun age. I just love 2-year-olds. Messes and tantrums aside, I think it's one of my favorite stages. They are just so fun and silly and cute!

She is at this stage right now where she is just OBSESSED with herself. It started back around 2 weeks ago, with multiple requests a day to visit the mirror in the bathroom. It got to be a bit much, so I finally broke down and got a mirror from D.I. Almost any time of day you can find her in front of it, saying:

"I cute. Cute. So pretty."

I am not kidding.

At least she's occupied, though, so I can't complain. At some point I should probably start telling her things like, "It's what's inside that counts" and "You've got great inner beauty, too, Grace."

And all that kind of nonsense.

Or she might just turn out to be as conceited as I was.

Of course, I might be just a little biased here, but look at her! If I was that stinkin' cute, I'd sit in front of a mirror all day long, too.

Wouldn't you? :)

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Suzzy Rice aka Grammy Gingerbread said...

I am so glad Adam is loving school and his new friends!! And he looks like he is doing great! And, sweet, pretty Gracie...she knows a good thing when she sees it! Don't you wish we were more like her!!