Sunday, September 28, 2008

The "Quiet" Book

My mom made this "Quiet Book" for Adam and Grace 2 years ago. We just love it.

It has lots of pictures of the Savior:

scripture verses, the Articles of Faith, Primary songs:

even a picture of our family:

and a picture of each prophet with some facts about his life:

They love looking at it during the Sacrament.

I normally 'rotate' our church bag, so they don't get bored with anything. It's been in a 'church box' I have for several months. A few days ago, I took it out to add it back to our church bag.

Grace was looking at it when she happened upon what she thought was a scary image. And began screaming:

"Ghost! Ghost! I scared!"

And tore out the page.

She's absolutely terrified of the book now. She runs and screams at the sight of it. It's no longer a very 'quiet' book, as you can guess.

Sorry, President Taylor. I know you were a good man. And an amazing prophet.

But photogenic you were not.

(I realize it's a painting, and photogenic probably isn't the exact word I'm looking for).

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Suzzy Rice aka Grammy Gingerbread said...

Poor President Taylor...survived a bullet during the martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph Smith, but can't get Grace on his side. She does have a point about his looks, though...

Sorry Grace!!