Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Meal Complaints

I know I've said this before, but Adam is a picky eater, and tends to complain about every single meal. Even if it's one of his favorites, he still complains. And if it's not one of his favorites, we fight the entire meal.

Last week, I'd had enough. It's not easy making dinner and entertaining 2 children at the same time, you know? And when he complained yet again, I'd had it.

So, I told him this week HE was in charge. After dinner, I got a piece of paper, and wrote the days of the week on it. I told him to plan a meal for each day, and we'd talk about it. His initial list looked like this:

Monday-barbecue chicken and cookies
Wednesday-creamy pasta
Friday-rice and cake
Sunday-crab puffs

Apparently, he really likes pizza. :)

So, next I sat down with him, and we talked about the food pyramid. Then I talked about our budget. And I got the ads out for him, and told him that he had to include at least 3 food groups in every dinner, AND stay under a certain amount for each meal.

Which is a lot harder than it seems.

He thought so, too.

So, we worked out a list of meals that we are both fairly happy with. We went shopping together and he's helping me cook this week.

HOPEFULLY he understands a little bit of the work that goes into meal planning, and I'll hear less complaining.

He is, however, having a lot of fun with the planning and shopping and cooking.

Which isn't the point of punishments at all.

Oh, well.



Mindy said...

you are so awesome! I love that you are teaching him some responsibility. I could take a lesson from you when it comes to meal planning, etc.
and actually I sound like Adam too. I think I could eat pizza that much too. :)

Amanda said...

I've heard that if you let the kids help make the meal they are more likely to eat it. Maybe he won't be quite so picky now that he is helping.

Kade loves pizza and asks for it just about every day. He actually cried the other day when I came home from the grocery store without pizza.

Kristi said...

If he is having that much fun, maybe helping should become a permanent thing. He will learn a lot.