Sunday, September 7, 2008

Last Week: List Form

10 Things We Did:
1) Took Grace for her 2-year well check. She's 27 pounds, 35 inches. Yay!
2) Took Grace to get her blood drawn for a lead test. Boo.
3) Vacuumed, washed, and scrubbed down the Focus for the first time in... gulp... 2 years!
4) Drove Adam to school (and back) 4 days this week. I feel like I'm living in the car...
5) Cleaned out the refrigerator
6) Went grocery shopping to fill it back up.
7) Read 3 chapters, took 2 quizzes, and wrote 1 paper (for school)
8) Read The Chocolate Touch with Adam.
9) Washed/dried/folded/put away 12 loads of laundry. Mike and Adam wearing 2 outfits a day has gotta stop!
10) Spent 3 hours on the phone with the insurance company, total. This hospitalization with Grace is a mess!

9 Things We STILL Need to Do:
1) Get driver's licenses. Please pass me 3 hours to stand in line at the DMV!
2) Change the belt in the car... er... maybe that's not a 'we' job. :)
3) Call the doctor and schedule an appointment for me.
4) Go to the library and return some overdue books.
5) Bring our comforter to the laundromat (it's too large for our washing machine).
6) Go to the bank.
7) Write 1 more paper... before 11:30 today. Whoops!
8) Trim Grace's bangs. If you can call them 'bangs.' Whatever they are, they are in her eyes!
9) Decorate for fall! My favorite season is coming... yay!

8 Things Adam Did at School:
1) Stayed on 'green' every day this week... and got to pick 4 fun little toys!
2) Listened to a story about a girl who wants a dinosaur... and drew a picture of what he'd want a dinosaur to do. *See 'Silly Things Adam Said' below.*
3) Dug through a pit of rice for buried treasures.
4) Played basketball with his friend 'George' or 'Noah'... Adam's not sure on the name. :)
5) Practiced writing his first and last name. Over and over.
6) Played math bingo.
7) Put on a puppet show.
8) Colored, drew, and painted.

7 Dinners I Made:
1) Enchiladas
2) Curry Chicken
3) Shepherd's Pie
4) Mexican Haystacks
5) Bean Tostadas
6) Hamburger Helper
7) Homemade Pizza

6 Messes Grace Made:
1) Poured a bottle of red paint on the carpet, while I was working on Enrichment crafts.
2) Tore a library book... I think it's beyond taping...
3) Scribbled on the wall with crayon
4) Dumped out a box of Q-tips
5) T.P.ed her bedroom
6) Stripped off her clothes, got into the bathtub, and covered herself in shampoo... thankfully, the 'tear free' kind

5 Phone Calls I've Made:
1) Insurance company (4 times!)
2) Adam's school
3) Grace's doctor
4) RS President about Enrichment stuff
5) Target Pharmacy

4 Things We Bought:
1) 2 long-sleeve shirts for Grace (for winter)
2) A canning jar (to make rock crystals in this week... fun!)
3) Carpet cleaner (our floor has just a slight pink tinge to it now)
4) Markers, crayons, and glue! All of the school stuff is clearanced! Now to hide it from Grace.

3 Silly Things Adam Said:
1) Adam initially told his teacher he would want the dinosaur to steal toys for him. She suggested that the dinosaur BUY toys for him, because stealing isn't nice. Glad all those honesty lessons did him good! His teacher is probably wondering about us as parents...
2) "Every. Single. Person. In. My. Class. Has. Seen. Star. Wars. Clone. Wars. But. ME!" (Yes, he said it very slowly like that. He acted like he was the social misfit of the class, and how could I subject him to that! Awww... peer pressure begins...)
3) "Well, I heard that dinosaurs still live. They are just hiding them from us." (Uh, when did HE become a conspiracy kinda guy? And everything these days is, "I heard...". Hilarious!)

2 Books I've Read:
1) Theories of Personality (for school)
2) Severe and Hazardous Weather (again, for school)

1 Happy Quote for the Week:
"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be perfectly wonderful!"


Kristi said...

Tell Adam that I haven't seen ANY of the Stars Wars movies! Though I have a feeling that might change soon. By the way I dating someone now.

Kristi said...

Tell Adam that I haven't seen ANY of the Stars Wars movies! Though I have a feeling that might change soon. By the way I dating someone now.

the W* family said...

I haven't seen any of them either! It figures I would have a kid obsessed with Star Wars. I'm happy you're dating someone... is it jalapeno Mike? :)

Amanda said...

Yes, it is jalapeƱo Mike.

BTW, Hailey comes home every day and tells me she is still on green at school. I mentioned that Adam was too and she said, "Not Amberly. She got yellow or red!" (She got yellow last week for flicking crayons and not stopping when her teacher told her to.)