Thursday, April 5, 2012

On Thursday of Spring Break...

Mike has today (and the next 4 days) off from work.  So he did the awesome husband thing and went to work on the list of all of the things that needed to be fixed around our apartment.

He's so great!

While he fixed, Adam and Grace baked.

A little background:

On Sunday, Adam asked if he could "experiment" in the kitchen, without me.  I said 'yes', as long as no cooking was involved.

He made the world's most interesting "chip dip."

It consisted of cumin, vinegar, water, Italian seasoning, butter, cream cheese, cinnamon, and ground tortilla chips.

It took all of the love in my body to try that stuff.

I told him how happy I was that he wanted to cook, but we agreed he should use a recipe, until he gets the hang of things in the kitchen.

To start, I let him (and Grace) choose a brownie mix at the store.

They mixed it, baked it, and clean it all up by themselves.

This $2 brownie mix was the highlight of their week, they told me.

I'm going to find some simple recipes for him to start making, since he is so interested in cooking/baking now.

I love that.

Oh, and the brownies were excellent.

Much better than the "chip dip."


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