Tuesday, April 3, 2012

On Tuesday of Spring Break...

We went to the library.

Adam read books.

Grace did puzzles.

Josh brushed up on his geography.

And we checked out 32 books and 5 music CDs.

(Good grief!  Is there help for this kind of thing... an "I Can't Say No to a Cute Children's Book" support group???)

We came home, where Josh took a nap.  Adam and Grace made masks and put on a play for me that they wrote titled, "The Lion and His Trainer."

I don't think Broadway is going to pick it up anytime soon, but they sure had fun.

Grace cut an inch and a half off her hair.

She is 5 and hasn't cut it yet, and I was hoping she would escape the whole cutting her hair thang.

But, no.

We brought Adam to Scouts, picked up Mike from work, picked up Adam from Scouts and went to Ben & Jerry's for FREE cone day!

Ben & Jerry sure make some mighty fine ice cream.

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Danielle said...

How fun!! You're such a fun mom!