Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday

This morning I woke Allison up and said,"Happy Birthday Allison." To which she replied with a big smile, "Happy Birthday to you too." I guess she was still a bit tired.

Allison is an amazing wife and mom to our kids. We have celebrated 8 of her birthdays together. She amazes me at all she does. She continues to add more and more things everyday it seems. I know that she will continue to surprise me. I am a lucky man. Allison is a great cook, baker, and cookie maker. She enjoys trying new recipes and even enjoys the failures(which don't happen very often.) I always find websites open with recipes for new things. She researches recipes to find things that our picky family will eat, which is not an easy task. I love Allison and all that she does. Happy Birthday Allison.

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Suzzy Rice aka Grammy Gingerbread said...

Allison is truly amazing! And, one of the reasons that she is so amazing is that she has you, Michael, to love her, to encourage her, to support her. You give her encouragement to do everything and love her through it all. You have helped make her the wonderful and brilliant star that she is to all of us...Thank you, Michael. We love her, and we love you!!