Saturday, November 15, 2008

Feelin' All Domestic

True story:

When I got married, I only knew how to make steamed broccoli, mashed potatoes, and rice.

And a mean frozen pizza.

Not to brag or anything.

I was completely fine with that fact, however, and determined never to be one of those wives who was constantly cooking and cleaning and all domestic-ing and stuff.

So if you had told me 7 years or so ago that I'd be making my own chicken stock and pumpkin puree and sewing up a storm and loving it, I would have laughed.

Or fainted.

Or cried and joined some feminist group, where I would've had to burn my bra or something.


But, for some reason, whether it's because of my former obsession with Food Network or because I'm trying to be more economical or because I am trying to live healthier or what, I am loving feelin' all domestic, and making everything from scratch.

It makes me so happy.

And I think Mike likes it, too.

Puree your own pumpkins with the recipe here.

You know you want to.


Kristi said...

Ha ha broccoli and ketchup.
Good job with the pumpkins and stuff.
I'm really glad you didn't join a feminist group.

Suzzy Rice aka Grammy Gingerbread said...

You do so well with healthy things that you inspire all!! But also remember you made award winning divinity for a few years...but that stuff is down right dangerous, and it is best forgotten!!

Nicole and Justin said...

I love your writing! It makes me smile everytime I read your blog. I had the same experience with domesticatedness - it's so much fun!

Casey and Brynn said...

That is funny, and so true. Although I will admit as inspiring as that was...I am not going to puree pumpkin! haha