Thursday, November 20, 2008

Funny (in a twisted way)

Wanna laugh?

Are you as twisted as I am?

Are your children currently biting each other, and you want nothing to do with it?

(Er... that's probably just me...).

Check out some of these de-motivators.

They are hilarious.

And even more funny to me because I know someone who is really into motivational posters. In an annoying type of way (like he/she is always throwing the quotes in your face).

I keep thinking of anonymously giving them one for Christmas.

I won't... I promise.

I'm all about avoiding evil, vengeful Christmas gifts this year. (Remember the angel we gave my neighbor, Celeste? Good times).

1 comment:

The Muhlesteins said...

Ha! That old memory put a big old grin on my face.... weird neighbor!! I'll donate to your evil christmas gift!! Just think, 9 years down the road we can get another big grin!! Well worth the price.....