Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Birthday Present

Tomorrow is my birthday... I turn 27. So, yay!

Mike asked me a month or so ago what I wanted for my birthday, to which I immediately said, "A trip to Phoenix to see family." I didn't think it was possible for finance/work reasons, but Mike made it happen.

Which is just the best thing ever.

He got the time off and worked it into our budget, and we went on vacation! We really haven't gone on a vacation in years. I mean, we visit family a couple of times a year, but it can be exhausting being out of town, trying to see everyone, etc., especially since we only normally go down for holidays or big events (like weddings) that are busy anyways, so it sometimes doesn't really feel like a break. You know?

The dam bridge

Grace taking her turn at the wheel

Adam fulfilling a life-long dream of washing the windows

This time was different, though. We didn't really have anywhere to be (except for a baby shower), and decided we were just going to relax and take it easy, and let what happen, happen. Mike took almost a week off of work, though, and we had a blast. We drove to Flagstaff on Friday night, and stayed in a hotel there. Adam has always wanted to go to a hotel, and he and Grace had so much fun jumping on the beds, watching Nickelodeon, and taking a bath in the huge tub.

I think the biggest thrill for Adam was collecting the 'free stuff.' For a little boy who is a major pack rat, getting to collect plastic cups, soap, and bottles of shampoo was heaven.

Whatever makes him happy. :)

We headed down to Phoenix the next day for a baby shower and to see our brand-new niece who I almost kidnapped because she's so beautiful and lovely and I really want a baby.

But I didn't. :)

We spent the rest of the day with Mike's family, and Adam and Grace got to play with all of their cousins that they miss so much. And I got to talk to all of my in-laws who are the funnest people on the planet.


We went to church the next day with my parents (where Kaity and I had a completely irreverent, scream-fest reunion in the parking lot), and had a birthday dinner (for moi and my cousin) at their house. Grace has been crying for her 'Grammy' and 'Papa' ever since they came up a few weeks ago, and I was so happy that she got to spend time with them. We got to spend time with both of my Grandmas and my siblings (minus Morgan), and had a great time. We went over to see Mike's grandma that night, which was so nice. We miss spending Sunday evenings with her.

We left the next day and went back to Flagstaff, where it had SNOWED. It wasn't a ton of snow, BUT enough for some snowball fights and enough for us to get cold and wet. We went and looked at our old dorm, Joy Cone (Mike's former job), our church building, and played at the park.

Inappropriate snow attire

We began heading back a bit late (with the thought that the kids could sleep in the car on the way home). We stopped in Seligman for a potty break for Adam a while later, and all went inside to stretch. Mike left the lights on in the car, and we were gone a little longer than expected in the gas station, and returned to find the car dead.

Seligman is about 60 miles from Flagtstaff, a truck stop in the middle on nowhere. And we were having a hard time finding someone to give us a jump at 10 o'clock at night. We finally called our roadside assistance, who told us it would be over 2 hours before someone came.

Mike and I just laughed. Because it was funny.

In a way.

Our prayers were answered, however, about 30 minutes later when Mike found someone with jumper cables. Our car started, and we came back to Las Vegas safely.

I really couldn't imagine a more perfect weekend: a night goofing off in a hotel, being able to spend so much time with the people we love, snow, and safety.

We are so blessed.

Unfortunately, it's back to the real world tomorrow. But, that's okay, because I just had the most perfect birthday ever.

And it's not even my birthday yet. :)

(Sorry for the major blog neglect happening here... school, RS stuff, and a bad cold have taken over my time... I will be catching up!)

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